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1980's Ladbroke Grove  & Notting Hill was London's vibrant creative hub, Flex's art & music grew from this eclectic street culture & has influenced his work ever since

Born to Maria Amorim and Candido Gil, Maria being a world renowned Fado singer from Lisbon, Miguel's family were part of the Portuguese community, long established in Portobello & Ladbroke Grove.

Music & Street Art / Graffiti being the dominant driving force in Flex's life, at 15 being a founding member of the Cash Crew


Then forming one part of hip hop duo named Mighty Ethnicz.

  • Touring the US, living in Miami & New York, working with 2 Live Crew, Luke Skywalker, Afrika Islam as a lyricist and producer, plus writing and recoding his own material. 
  • Previous artists include; Buena Vista Social Club, Tim Westwood, The Roots, Massive Attack, & Nellie Hooper
  • Record Labels worked with include; EMI, Warner Brothers, Island Records and Virgin.

Music & Art being one to Flex, painting Urban pieces at every opportunity over the years

After the Grenfell Fire tragedy, Flex was moved to do a memorial artwork dedicated to the victims of families & friends lost. 

Painted on The Memorial Wall in Ladbroke Crescent W11, (the street he grew up on) a wall always used in street art to express loss of local members of the community over the decades.

The piece was embraced by the community with the simple wording of “Justice”.

After being up for 6 weeks, Kensington and Chelsea council whitewashed the mural, with no explanation.

Resulting in anger & upset in the community affected by the disaster, culminating in damning press for RBKC (Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea).

Undeterred, he started another tribute piece which is still a work in progress, on the Memorial Wall.

Working with aerosol, acrylic, photography and graphic mix on canvas, banners and murals.

Pieces range in size from 50 x 30cm to 8 x 20m

Still making Urban Art in Ladbroke Grove & from his studio in West London , Flex also  runs weekly Art Therapy workshops within local the community affected by the Grenfell Fire tragedy, including; Grenfell United, The Rugby Portobello Trust, Grief Encounters and The Delgarno Trust, plus many youth and community centres in boroughs throughout London.

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